Lakers Great Kobe Bryant Floats Retirement

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Lakers star Kobe Bryant says it is possible he will retire in two years when he reaches 35.Do you believe it?

Here is the story:

The clock is ticking, and Kobe Bryant appears to admit that time is not on his side.
He’s 33 years old. He has two years remaining on his $58-million contract. And who knows what comes after that.
But when Yahoo Sports’ Graham Bensinger reminded him that Bryant mentioned during his rookie season that he would retire at age 35, the Lakers‘ star said “it’s still probably accurate.”
“That’s a long time to be playing,” Bryant said. “It’ll be the last year of my contract. I don’t know if I wll play any longer than that. I don’t know. It’s just a possibility. It’s not something I even give it much thought to, but it’s a possibility. It could happen.”

The New iPhone, Again

As always, reports have leaked that Apple is working on a new iPhone and a purported picture of the new device is making its way around the internet.While our office uses PCs, I admire certain Apple products and in fact have an iPhone.  But it just seems strange that every few months a new Apple product is being talked about — and the frenzy begins.

When the iPad 3 came out I couldn’t tell the difference from my iPad 2.  Yet there were lines around the block of people wanting to gobble up the new device, even if they had an “old” one.

Like the post below, I credit the marketing genius of Steve Jobs who had the ability to make people crave every new Apple product, even if they bought one just a few months prior.

Whether true or not, here is the picture of the front and back of the next generation iPhone.

Get in line now.

New iPhone

The Genius of Steve Jobs

If anyone wants or needs marketing inspiration, I highly recommend viewing any number of YouTube videos of Steve Jobs.  I highly recommend Jobs’ mid 1990s presentation of the “Think Different” ad campaign that re-set Apple’s branding course.

There are many more videos of Jobs talking about the success of Apple, the mistakes it made, and what makes the company different.

Highly recommended.