Lakers Great Kobe Bryant Floats Retirement

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Lakers star Kobe Bryant says it is possible he will retire in two years when he reaches 35.Do you believe it?

Here is the story:

The clock is ticking, and Kobe Bryant appears to admit that time is not on his side.
He’s 33 years old. He has two years remaining on his $58-million contract. And who knows what comes after that.
But when Yahoo Sports’ Graham Bensinger reminded him that Bryant mentioned during his rookie season that he would retire at age 35, the Lakers‘ star said “it’s still probably accurate.”
“That’s a long time to be playing,” Bryant said. “It’ll be the last year of my contract. I don’t know if I wll play any longer than that. I don’t know. It’s just a possibility. It’s not something I even give it much thought to, but it’s a possibility. It could happen.”