Can a candidate say anything worthwhile?

In the final two weeks leading up to the presidential election, especially one that is as close as the Obama – Romney contest, the question is whether either candidate dare take the risk of saying anything of substance.  In a world where information travels faster that it can be generated, the slightest misstatement or verbal blunder instantly appears on millions of computers and smart phones for all to see and mock.So as the next president (whomever it is) crisscrosses the country focusing on battleground states, one wonders whether either can or will say anything of substance to sway undecided voters.  This caution was evident in the latest debate where it appeared that Romney was more cautious and nervous than in his two prior debates.  Most attribute this to the fact that he is most comfortable debating domestic economic issues, not foreign policy.  But it was clear that the Romney objective was not to prove he had a better foreign policy strategy, rather to just not say anything that that would go viral.

There is little to learn in the days leading up to the election.  It is all based on emotion, energy and image.  So should we pay attention?

Of course we should.  The result will affect all of us and this election and the candidates are too important to ignore.