Miley Cyrus, twerking and the media storm

Well at least we now all know what “twerking” is, or is intended to be.

The media firestorm this past week over Miley Cyrus and her “performance” at the Video Music Awards raises some interesting issues.  Most comments were blatantly negative at the “over-the-top” display by the one-time Disney character.  Even those in the music business thought it was beyond inappropriate to see Cyrus bumping, grinding and simulating sex in a mostly naked outfit.

What struck me most about her performance was not how un-entertaining it was, or how it showed such a blatant lack of talent and dignity, but how she chose to make her statement.  She undoubtedly wants the world to know that she is no longer the innocent Disney character she played on her Hannah Montana TV show.  She wants everybody to know she is a grown woman and a sexual one at that.

Apparently Cyrus believes this statement of maturity is best done by being as raunchy and un-sexy as possible.  There was nothing sexy, alluring, or even mature about her performance.  It was tantamount to a three year old throwing her cereal on the floor to get attention.

If someone wants the world to know they are an adult, it starts with acting like an adult.  There was nothing adult about Cyrus on that stage.  Her “show” was as immature and infantile as it could possibly be.

So it all backfired.  Not because it was so offensive (we don’t expect much from MTV anyway) but because instead of Cyrus conveying the message that she is a mature adult, just the opposite was conveyed.  She is still a child who has no idea what is sexy and certainly no idea of what is classy.

Miley Cyrus has plenty of growing up yet to do.