PR 101: How to be relevant

A big part of successfully seeing your story in print is being relevant.  What does that mean?  It means showing the media how your message fits into the daily conversation.

I don’t mean to use jargon here.  Too often organizations are so focused on getting media coverage, that they neglect to consider how to make their message relevant to what the media are writing about.  If your message adds value, enlightens, educates or clarifies, you have a better chance of getting the media attention you seek.

When marketing your organization through media coverage, the first place to start is to be acutely aware of what is happening in the world  and in your local community.  Then you can think about how your story fits into what the media are already writing about.  It is logical that the press will pay attention to your message if they are interested in the topic already, rather than trying to get them interested in a subject out of left field.

I am not saying it’s easy.  Not every organization or company has something to contribute to current news topics.  But you would be surprised how creative you can become when thinking along those lines and how ideas pop up.