When is no news enough news?

For three weeks, CNN has covered the strange disappearance of Malaysian flight 370.  The only problem is, nobody knows what happened to the plane then, and as of this writing, nobody still knows.

Yet CNN continues to make it the Breaking News: story on their website and devotes most of their on-air coverage to the story.  This, despite the fact that every bit of information that comes out of Malaysia has been wrong.

To my knowledge no other news organization has devoted so much time and space to a story with no facts.  Isn’t news just that?  Facts?  How can CNN call itself a news organization when its coverage of this story consists of talking to experts and its own reporters over and over again, with nobody knowing anything?

Malaysian flight 370 is a fascinating and tragic story certainly worthy of coverage.  But shouldn’t that coverage come when there is real information to impart?

In the meantime, CNN, other things are happening in the world.