Crisis Communications — Not if but when

We’ve all heard the phrase, “not if but when.”  It can apply to many aspects of life.  It also applies to the fact that most businesses will face a public relations crisis sooner or later.

Most crises can’t be predicted, but organizations can be ready for them.  That’s why we recommend that every client have a crisis communications plan in place.  Some make it part of their marketing plan.  While we sometimes recommend this, we often create it as a stand-alone document.

The crisis communications plan will not prevent a crisis, but it will help you deal with the ramifications if one occurs.  There is no substitute for preparation, as we have learned from disaster relief drills recommended by the LAPD, LA Fire Dept. and so forth.

But a PR crisis is different. At stake is not life or limb (though in extreme cases it could be) but rather your reputation.  It takes years, sometimes decades, to build a good reputation, and only an hour to destroy it if a PR disaster strikes and it is not handled properly.

If you don’t have a crisis PR plan in place, create one.  If you need some guidance to do so, we are here to help.