Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon Out

If there ever was a cable news rivalry, it was FOX’s Tucker Carlson vs. CNN’s Don Lemon. At least on air, they had nothing but disdain for one another. Carlson would ofter play clips of Lemon saying something he thought to be ridiculous and then giggling.

Lemon had the same opinion of Carlson, labeling him a “conspiracy theorist” as did so many others.

In short, the two didn’t like each other, and didn’t hide that fact. However, today within an hour of each other, both are out of a job.

Broadcasters and news commentators come and go but they usually don’t make news. However in our personality-driven world where news persons are the news, who is on air is often the story; because of the narrative they espouse.

On the other hand, maybe these events are a foreshadowing of news, even cable news, getting back to their original mission — reporting news. In the last decade the lines between news and commentary have become blurred to the point where we can’t tell them apart. And that’s not good.

We can only hope for the days when newscasters report the news and commentators give their views and the two are open and honest about who they are and what their roles are.