Truth in advertising in election season

I don’t talk politics on my blog as I believe there is enough good and bad to go around when discussing all politicians and propositions.  The best thing about an election is the day after when the constant barrage of radio and TV commercials finally cease.  I can’t image anyone actually liking so much messaging thrown at them.Most frustrating is the misinformation thrown at us.  When commercials totally contradict one another, it is basic logic that someone is not telling the truth.  Who is right and who is wrong is not the issue.  It is the fact that there seems to be no standards for “truth in advertising” when it comes to election season.

If the FTC, which is responsible for truth in advertising, was charged with fact checking political ads, they would have a field day of levying fines.  But it is simply too much work in too short a timeframe.  And, who’s to say the public is being harmed.  The ads are so nuanced that every ad could put forth an argument that their message is truthful.

In reality deceit rules in political advertising.  But we all know this and we accept it.  We take the barrage of ads with a grain of salt and try to make the best choice we possibly can.

In other words, we ask our friends how they’re voting.