The day the laughter died

nonprofit-pr-los-angeles-Jerry-Lewis--image.jpgThe day after Jerry Lewis died, the world went dark.

Yes, it was a coincidence, that the solar eclipse happened the day after, but a telling one.

Jerry Lewis had to have been one of the most famous people in the last 100 years.  Who doesn’t know Jerry Lewis?  Whether you remember his movies, his act, his interviews or his telethon, we all knew Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis devoted his entire life, until the day he died, to making people laugh.  He also devoted it to raising money for MDA to help children afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy.

Yes, he had a snarky side. He had a larger than life, somewhat annoying ego, but he earned it.  Nobody comes from a poor Jewish neighborhood in New York and catapults himself into the most famous funnyman in history without being somewhat eccentric.

When we lose someone we all love and admire, like Dick Gregory a few days prior and now Jerry Lewis, we tend to say the same things — there never will be another one like him.  H/she was one of a kind, and all those platitudes.

In the case of Jerry Lewis, it is true.